About Zapata Racing®

The story of Zapata Racing® begins in 1998, lead masterfully by Franky Zapata, Zapata Racing® was a high performing PWC competition team.

With 6 European titles and 2 world champion trophies, with a wealth of experience in the VNM world and expertise in hydro-propulsion, the Zapata Racing® team became the official brand of PWC Product in 2008.

Guided by passion and success, Franky Zapata is now leading a new challenge in innovation and uniqueness for the future of the firm. After many hydro-propelled machines tests being held in 2011 and with the massive support of the public, the production and the worldwide marketing of the flyboard® is only limited by the quantity of units produced.

As for the future, Zapata Racing® is dedicated to working on the creation, development and marketing of hydro-propelled machines; such as the Flyboard®, Hoverboard by ZR®, and the Jet Pack by ZR® to satisfy athletes coming from all the disciplines looking for new sensations.

The Sport of Flyboarding

Since its market launch, more than a hobby, Flyboard® has become an entire sport in its own right, confirmed by of the organization of the first Flyboard® World Cup in Qatar 2012. A competition held every year and was last held in Dubai 2014, rocketing the Flyboard® and the Hoverboard by ZR® to become one of the leaders in the world of hydro-sports.

History of the Hoverboard by ZR®

In 2014, Zapata Racing® entered a new dimension with the release of the Hoverboard by ZR®. Carried by its dynamism, a new fraternity is born of Hoverboard riders and enthusiasts all over the world.

Millions of Video Views

With more than 40 millions views of Flyboard® and Hoverboard videos on the internet and being seen in the most prestigious commercial ads, such a slot during the United States Super Bowl, the reputation of Zapata Racing® has reached its heights.

Owner and Lead Trainer
Hello, I'm David Soldato, a Zapata Racing trainer based in Atlanta. I placed 17th in the 2015 North American Professional Competition, 21st in the 2014 World Championship in Dubai, and 26th in the 2013 World Championship in Qatar.
David Soldato
Owner and Lead Trainer
David SoldatoOwner and Lead Trainer