About Zapata Racing®

The story of Zapata Racing® begins in 1998, lead masterfully by Franky Zapata, Zapata Racing® was a high performing PWC competition team.

With 6 European titles and 2 world champion trophies, with a wealth of experience in the VNM world and expertise in hydro-propulsion, the Zapata Racing® team became the official brand of PWC Product in 2008.

Guided by passion and success, Franky Zapata is now leading a new challenge in innovation and uniqueness for the future of the firm. After many hydro-propelled machines tests being held in 2011 and with the massive support of the public, the production and the worldwide marketing of the flyboard® is only limited by the quantity of units produced.

As for the future, Zapata Racing® is dedicated to working on the creation, development and marketing of hydro-propelled machines; such as the Flyboard®, Hoverboard by ZR®, and the Jet Pack by ZR® to satisfy athletes coming from all the disciplines looking for new sensations.

[inwave_infor_list style=”style2″][inwave_infor_list_item icon=”futbol-o” title=”The Sport of Flyboarding” description=”Since its market launch, more than a hobby, Flyboard® has become an entire sport in its own right, confirmed by of the organization of the first Flyboard® World Cup in Qatar 2012. A competition held every year and was last held in Dubai 2014, rocketing the Flyboard® and the Hoverboard by ZR® to become one of the leaders in the world of hydro-sports.” style=”style2″][inwave_infor_list_item icon=”history” title=”History of the Hoverboard by ZR®” description=”In 2014, Zapata Racing® entered a new dimension with the release of the Hoverboard by ZR®. Carried by its dynamism, a new fraternity is born of Hoverboard riders and enthusiasts all over the world.” style=”style2″][inwave_infor_list_item icon=”video-camera” title=”Millions of Video Views” description=”With more than 40 millions views of Flyboard® and Hoverboard videos on the internet and being seen in the most prestigious commercial ads, such a slot during the United States Super Bowl, the reputation of Zapata Racing® has reached its heights.” style=”style2″][/inwave_infor_list]
[inwave_tabs][inwave_tab_item title=”Owner and Lead Trainer” sub_title=”David Soldato” description=”Hello, I’m David Soldato, a Zapata Racing trainer based in Atlanta. I placed 17th in the 2015 North American Professional Competition, 21st in the 2014 World Championship in Dubai, and 26th in the 2013 World Championship in Qatar.” img=”2346″][/inwave_tabs]