Wireless Electronic Management Kit (EMK)


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The ZR EMK is the result of countless hours of R&D, Engineering and testing and it is without question the Wireless EMK System that established the benchmark of technology, functionality, versatility and quality of construction. The Brain Engine features an exclusive Stainless Steel Mounting Plate that can be adapted to any PWC currently on the market and allows for multiple mounting locations. The Trigger Unit has an adjustable wrist strap that securely keeps the unit attached even if the Rider momentarily loses grip of the unit. The Trigger has a solid feel and the signal transmission between the sending unit and the receiver unit is flawless thanks to the implementation of an extra long antenna on the receiver. The transmitter uses two AA batteries (not included) that are located inside the watertight handle. The Digital Servo Motor features all steel gears inside a full aluminum case that is light weight while delivering incredible torque and efficiency with low power consumption. Must be used in conjunction with item KAE0001-Electronic throttle adapter kit when attached to a PWC that has an Electronic Throttle.

  • Smart Brain Engine regulates the engine RPM at a consistent level regardless of the brand of PWC
  • Works in the air and underwater up to 3 seconds to allow for Dolphin Dives
  • Quick and easy installation. You can locate the Brain anywhere in the body of the PWC thanks to the extra long connection cables
  • No cutting and splicing of wires. Simply clamp wires with special clamps furnished and connect to the battery
  • Five different settings. Settings 1 through 4 are intended for normal above water use and provide for four different RPM max levels
  • Level five is set up for Professional use and for in water dives.

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